Associated Press: If Billy Chops Off His Willy, It’s Gender-Affirming Care

National radio host and best-selling author Todd Starnes called out the Associated Press for its new transgender policy.

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Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show, which airs nationwide from noon to 3 p.m. EST:

STARNES: So, the Associated Press is the nation’s largest news agency. It doesn’t matter if you have a big paper or small paper in your town, they’re using Associated Press copy.

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Should kids be able to get their private parts chopped off in the name of gender-affirming care?

In other words, everybody’s pretty much getting the exact same news.

One of the big things they have is something called a stylebook. Every journalist knows that the stylebook is sort of like the Holy Bible in American newsrooms. We have one here in our bunker and everybody follows, by and large, everybody in journalism follows the AP Stylebook.

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Now, here’s the deal. AP Stylebook just announced that they have added a topical guide for transgender coverage.

The Associated Press now says that this is, again, this is determined settled science. AP now says sex and gender assigned at birth by doctors can turn out to be inaccurate. They now say that gender is a spectrum. It is not a binary structure consisting only of men and women.

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The Associated Press is now telling journalists to stop using words like biological male and biological female. So, all these words are about to disappear or be disappeared from your local newspapers. For any of you who still read your local newspaper.

What about pronouns?

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Reporters are being told to stop using phrases like preferred pronouns or chosen pronouns.

Look, this is evolving on a daily basis. The number of words and phrases we’re not allowed to use, can’t say grooming anymore on social media, but we do.

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By the way, you talk about these people mutilating their bodies, you know, chopping off their boobs, chopping off their little plumbing. Yeah. You’re not allowed to call that mutilation anymore, according to the Associated Press. They want you to call that gender-affirming care.

So, you’re going to get a call from Aunt Wanda, and Aunt Wanda is going to be weeping.

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You’re saying, “Aunt Wanda, why are you crying? Why are you so upset?”

“Little Billy chopped off his willy. Oh, my word.”

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And you have to say, “No no, no no.” Little Billy did not chop off… Well, it’s gender-affirming care, Aunt Wanda. That’s what that is.”

So basically, the Associated Press is codifying fake news.

All that to say after the program today, we will be burning our copy of the Associated Press Stylebook.

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