Rep. Andy Biggs: FBI Needs to be Eliminated

The FBI needs to be “bulldozed,” Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ), chairman of the House Freedom Caucaus, said on the Todd Starnes Show Tuesday.

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Should the FBI be eliminated?

The Arizona congressman, reacting to the FBI’s raid against former President Trump at Mar-a-Lago, told host Todd Starnes it’s time to get rid of the Federal Bureau of Investigation altogether.

“They won’t give us information. They obfuscate when they come into Congress. We’ve seen them tell lies when they come in to Congress. So there’s no oversight,” Biggs explained, “and if you can’t have legislative oversight then that bureaucracy, in this case, the FBI and there’s many others, need to be eliminated.”

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He added, “And then you have to have the debate whether you’re going to actually reinstate some kind of federal investigative unit to deal with security issues internally.”

Biggs also slammed Senate Majority Mitch McConnell’s silence on the Trump raid and compared the “new Left” to the old Communists. Listen to the full interview on the ToddCast Podcast:

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Below is a rushed transcript from the Todd Starnes Show:

Starnes: [01:36:13] Let’s go to the phones from Arizona, our good friend, Congressman Andy Biggs. Congressman, good to have you with us. And I have to imagine you are righteously indignant today. [01:36:24][11.1]


Biggs: [01:36:25] Yeah, Todd, this is amazing what we’re seeing going on. I mean, in this week alone, you’re seeing the weaponization or the further weaponization of the police apparatus for political purposes to go after Donald Trump. You’re seeing it with the IRS agents being weaponized and and the horrible bill that’s going to be passed out of the House. And you know what else? You’re seeing it in this two tiered system where we continue to put people in jail and hold them there without bail on political purposes. And at the other end, you get people like Hillary Clinton and Hunter Biden, and we’ve bent over backwards – not we but the establishment – bends over backwards to protect them. [01:37:11][46.1]

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Starnes: [01:37:13] Congressman, here’s my concern is that they’re going to target Donald Trump. And there’s going to be a moment where they surround the president and take him into custody. I mean, he’s out doing something, maybe speaking at CPAC or whatever. And the next thing you know, you’ve got, you know, an armed raid like like what happened at Mar-a-Lago yesterday. [01:37:33][19.9]

Biggs: [01:37:35] Yeah. And that that would be crazy if they did that, because he also has he still has security around him now. [01:37:41][6.0]

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Starnes: [01:37:41] Lots of it. [01:37:42][0.5]

Biggs: [01:37:42] Yeah, lots of security around him. So what are you going to do, have a keep him in the middle of a scrum, a violent scrum? You know, these people. No, no decency. They know no bounds. They know no sense of propriety and order. They are using every institution, regime and rule to batter conservatives. And it’s all because Donald Trump disrupted this slow, steady march to a Gomorrah that was going on before he got elected. [01:38:18][36.3]

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Starnes: [01:38:19] Congressman is again, by the way, Congressman Andy Biggs on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. Is there any way that the FBI can be salvaged or do we just need to bulldoze it and start over? [01:38:31][12.6]

Biggs: [01:38:33] You know, I think we’ve reached the bulldoze and start over phase. I mean, I look at it and I said, well, maybe maybe we defund a little bit, maybe we trim a little bit, maybe we get in there a borough and and use the home and rule that we zero up salaries of people who who should go. We should stop certain programs, but they won’t give us information. They obfuscate when they come into Congress. We’ve seen them tell lies when they come in to Congress. So there’s no oversight. So there is no legislative oversight and you can’t have legislative oversight then that bureaucracy in this case, the FBI and there’s many others are need to be eliminated. And then you have to have the debate whether you’re going to actually reinstate some kind of federal investigative unit to deal with security issues internally. [01:39:22][48.8]

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Starnes: [01:39:23] What about Mitch? Mitch McConnell, he hasn’t said a word, not a word. [01:39:28][4.2]

Biggs: [01:39:30] Well, I mean, he doesn’t like Donald Trump. I mean, that’s just the bottom line. And he’s content with that. You know, I mean, you’ve got the the left is is celebrating. And our own people, if we can call Mitch McConnell our own people, are silent and won’t stand up. [01:39:50][20.8]

Starnes: [01:39:52] That is just appalling. I just I mean, even Vice President Mike Pence came out and condemned this. Even Andrew Cuomo did. I mean, he’s he’s out there saying the Justice Department needs to get out here and explain what the heck just happened. [01:40:06][13.1]

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Biggs: [01:40:08] No. And that’s right. But if you’ve been a target of injustice, then or feel like you have like Cuomo feels like he has, then you you recognize this. This isn’t like he hasn’t been coroporating…President Trump hasn’t been cooperating with this case, he’s responded. He’s given them documents and everything else. But that’s not enough. To the to the new left, because the new left is the same as the old communists. And so they like power, they like authority, and they’re going to go for it against people who have opinions that are different. And this is make no mistake, this is a pure and simple a political ploy. Otherwise, you write a letter to his attorneys and say, ‘hey, look, we understand there may be some more stuff. Will you turn that over to us to just review or how do we work this up?’ They didn’t do that. They didn’t do that here, according to reports. [01:41:04][56.4]

Starnes: [01:41:05] All right. Congressman Andy Biggs on the Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line. We understand about a dozen or so congressmen are going to be meeting with the president in New Jersey. Are you going to be going to that meeting? [01:41:15][9.3]

Biggs: [01:41:16] I will not be at that meeting. No, I’m I’m out west and there will be at the funeral of Jackie Walorski. [01:41:22][5.8]

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Starnes: [01:41:23] Any word on and what a terrible car accident that was. And just an incredible lady and a great congresswoman. Congressman, real quick, do you have any guidance on what they may be talking about at that gathering? [01:41:38][15.0]

Biggs: [01:41:40] I think they’re going to be talking about probably some internal workings of the House Republican Conference. I think that’s probably what’s going to be the focus there. And I’m sure President Trump’s going to advocate for, you know, oversight, greater oversight when the Republicans are going to come to power. And he’s right. We need to have greater oversight. The Democrats, you know Todd, we have had three committee hearings, multiple hour committee hearings over Dan Snyder and the Washington Commanders when when the NFL’s already disciplined them. And Dan Snyder’s not even in the loop anymore, but that’s what the Democrats focus on. Instead of saying, let’s have oversight on what’s going on the border or with the FBI or DOJ, there’s been no oversight from this, the Democrats here. [01:42:28][47.8]


Starnes: [01:42:29] Unbelievable. All right, Congressman, we appreciate your insight today. [01:42:32][3.1]

Biggs: [01:42:33] Thanks. Thanks, Todd. Appreciate all you do. [01:42:35][1.6]

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