WATCH LIVE: NCAA Declares War: Either Support Transgenderism or Else

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1:35 pm et – Shaun Kraisman, host of National Report Newsmax TV

2:05 pm etMike Huckabee, former Arkansas Governor

2:35 pm etRyan Tucker, senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom

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Todd’s Stack of Stuff:

‘A Terrible Disservice’: Trump Hammers Biden Over Call To Pause Johnson And Johnson COVID-19 Vaccine

The Difference Between Yams and Sweet Potatoes Is Structural Racism

‘Simplest Explanation’: CNN’s Chief Medical Correspondent Differs With Colleagues, Says Virus Origin Could Be Wuhan Lab

Man Blasts CNN On Live Air During Riot: ‘All The Extra S*** Y’all Do Makes This Worse’

NCAA ‘Unequivocally’ Supports Transgender Student Athletes

Fauci: Eating Indoors after Being Vaccinated Depends on ‘Personal Decision’ of ‘the Kind of Risk You Want to Take’

FDA, CDC Call for Immediate Pause of Johnson & Johnson Coronavirus Vaccine

Report: Officer in Daunte Wright Shooting Identified as Kim Potter

Cher says Republicans are trying to ‘achieve the dream’ of white supremacy in new Ga. voting laws

Horowitz: Court orders NY hospital to administer ivermectin to COVID patient who began breathing on his own after one dose

U.K. police hunt rabbit thief after giant celebrity pet Darius goes missing

Knoxville police officer wounded in shooting at Austin-East identified

NCAA may pull championship events from Mississippi over anti-transgender legislation

Josh Hawley reveals plans to break up big corporate power: ‘No corporation’ should control politics

WATCH: 2nd Night of Looting Begins in Minneapolis Suburb After Police Shooting

Joe Biden, Kamala Harris Tweet Support for Daunte Wright’s Family

Not Parody: Pentagon Researchers Are Focusing On An Under-The-Skin Microchip As An End To The Pandemic

Opinion | How Tucker Carlson’s racist rhetoric gives new life to Trumpism – The Washington Post

Rep. Rashida Tlaib: No More Policing, No More Incarceration

‘ABSURD’: Will Smith SLAMMED for Taking Film Out of Georgia Over Voter ID Law

Looters Stayed Away From Stores Protected by Armed Civilians

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