STARNES: To Democrats, Our Lives Don’t Matter

National radio host Todd Starnes called out the mainstream media’s bias for not covering the story of Cayler Ellingson, the 18-year-old Republican teen murdered for his political views.


Should the media have covered the story of Cayler Ellingson?

Starnes pointed out that the alleged killer, who ran Ellingson over with a car, used the same rhetoric to explain his actions that President Biden has recently used to describe conservative Americans.

The following is a rush transcript from the Todd Starnes Show which airs daily from noon to 3:00 p.m. EST.

TODD STARNES: I want to address a story that really should be discussed across the nation right now. And it’s an issue that should be the top story in the news cycle right now, but it is not. And if it had been anyone other than a Republican teenager, this would be a national news story.

Of course, we’re talking about this horrible story out of North Dakota where a grown man used his vehicle to mow down an 18-year-old boy because this boy happened to be a Republican. And we now know because the man confessed to the crime, this man who was set free on $50,000 bail, I guess they have a George Soros district attorney in North Dakota.

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But the man who committed the crime said he did so because he believed that Cayler Ellingson was a religious or was rather a Republican extremist. Well, now the North Dakota Highway Patrol is coming out. And by the way, the guy said that Ellingson was getting his friends together and they were going to chase after the guy. And the highway patrol says, no, there’s no evidence of that at all. There’s no evidence that this young man, an 18 year old boy, was an extremist.

But it’s interesting, because the guy who committed this atrocity, this heinous crime, snuffed out the life of an 18 year old Republican child. The man who did that used the exact same language that President Biden has been using and quite frankly, used last night again when Biden called out every MAGA Republican.

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Now, you might remember a few weeks ago, he said he had to come back after the the infamous Darth Brandon speech in front of the blood red Independence Hall. And his staff had to walk all of that back. And even Biden himself had to come out and say that he wasn’t talking about all MAGA Republicans.

But last night in front of this crowd of Democrats, he said he was talking about MAGA Republicans, all of them. So he said he’s not just talking about Trump. He’s talking about all MAGA Republicans. And we know for a fact that the killer was using the language that was spewing out of Joe Biden’s decrepit mouth. We know that for a fact.

We know that over really the past seven years now, the Democrats and the media have been smearing and slandering conservatives and Trump supporters. They have called us every name out of the book, and this really goes all the way back to 2007, when Barack Hussein Obama, at a gathering in San Francisco, talked about all you people who live in the Rust Belt, Ohio and Pennsylvania, West Virginia. He said, you people, you clung to your guns and you clung to your religion.

Hillary Clinton picked up the attacks, calling us irredeemable deplorables. Nowadays, you’ve got Joe Biden out there and the Democrats calling us white supremacists and literally the dregs of society. By the way, that’s what Joe Biden called all of you Christians who believe that marriage is between one man and one woman, dregs of society. That’s what Joe Biden called you.

And now you have the wokevangelicals out there smearing people, accusing Christians of being evil because they love their country. And in recent days, you’ve had the president of the United States out there calling Trump supporters fascist and extremist. And that was the word, the verbiage used by this killer of this 18 year old boy in North Dakota.

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May I just point something out here for just a moment? There has been no media coverage of this outside of this radio program and Fox News. Where has the media been? Can you imagine? And I just and I don’t even want you to imagine this, but for the sake of our conversation today, because we don’t wish ill on anybody, we want everybody to be able to live their lives and claim their American dream, whether they’re a Democrat or a Republican or a Libertarian. We don’t wish ill we don’t wish harm on anyone. But these Democrats and the language coming out of this White House, there is no doubt in my mind that they want to see dead Republicans in the streets.

We’re living in a very dangerous time in American history. And this sort of violent political rhetoric that’s coming from the White House and coming from the mainstream media, it endangers all of us. There’s a great big target on anybody who happens to be a conservative these days. But imagine for just a moment, for the sake of the argument here, that this had been a Trump supporter who took his car and intentionally mowed down Democrat supporters of Joe Biden. And just imagine the media coverage of that for a moment. Every single news agency in the world would be parked and camped out in North Dakota, every single one of them, and rightfully so. It’s a huge story. If someone is killed because of some sort of a political motive, then yeah, that’s going to be a big national story, no doubt about it.

But not this time. Not this time. Not for Cayler Ellingson. It’s almost as if this crime never happened. I mean, we all know that the mainstream media is biased. We get that. We know that the fix is in. But this should alarm all of you. Because this story should be used as an opportunity to tone it down, to take to take it down a few notches. But that’s not what Biden has done, but two times, two times since this kid was killed. Biden has been out there ratcheting up the rhetoric. And that’s why I do believe that they are hoping that their followers, their followers take the bait and target again.

Joe Biden, actually, yesterday at this speech, Joe Biden said that the Republicans were going to be guilty for blood in the streets. What have we been talking about for ages on this radio program, that when the Democrats do that, when they make a charge about Republicans, typically they are projecting and they are the ones guilty of whatever they’re accusing the other side of doing. The only people that are being left bloodied and beaten in the streets, ladies and gentlemen, happen to be conservatives, happen to be Trump supporters. But they don’t want to have that conversation.

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The mainstream media is not honest enough to actually call out the Democrats for any of this stuff. Not a single national news reporter had the courage, had the moral fortitude to actually ask the Biden administration to ask them whether or not they regret the language they’re using or if they wanted to retract the language they’re using, if they wanted to walk back the language they’re using, nobody did that. Nobody did that. Because you see in Biden’s America, all lives do not matter. When it comes to the Democrats, our lives don’t matter.

If you disagree with the Biden administration, it’s not just that you’re a fellow American who has a difference of opinion. No, you become the enemy. That is a very dangerous thing.

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